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Old Dumpling is an inventor, who lives on a Universe where it has never rained, but he knows the signs. He tries to warn the neighbors, but they laugh at him.
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Now, granted, it was a blustery March day so perhaps not prime season, but even trying to visualize it in another season, the Tiergarten was… fine? This is it? Finally, we got to the end of it, at the Brandenburg Gate. There were some interesting Cold War markers nearby, however. We had a train to catch!

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We were headed to Wittenberg! It took us essentially the whole day to take the bus from Copenhagen to Berlin, wander Berlin for two hours or so, and then take the train from Berlin to Wittenberg. In Wittenberg we caught a cab to where we were staying, at the Lutheran center in the Old Latin School, and then tucked in for the night. It is in the historic heart of historic Wittenberg.

So we spent our day doing some aggressive sightseeing… or at least as aggressive as we were physically able. Ruth was feeling sick that day, and ended up vomiting in a public restroom. You can walk the whole of the town worth seeing in a day, at most two days. But really, a day or two is plenty. We were enormously pleased with Wittenberg. Berlin simply did not. Wittenberg avoided most of the destruction of WWII, hence its good condition. Even aside from the historic sites related to the Reformation, we just enjoyed walking around the town and enjoying the sights.

It was a brisk day, but not wet and blustery the way Copenhagen and Berlin had been. And of course, we also saw the historic sites. We caught the late train back to Berlin, then to our hotel. Again, our price expectations are set by developing countries, so sticker-shock in Europe often led us to book discount options.

We were back in Berlin for another day! It was cold that day, and ferociously windy, so we opted for some indoors activities. We love the Smithsonians, so we decided to go to the national history museum of Germany. We spent basically the entire day doing the entire museum. Well, first we had some awesome brunch at… someplace nearby whose name we did not record. On our second pass through Berlin, we had good food. But after brunch, we spent the day learning about Holy Roman Emperors, the rise of Brandenburg, the printing press, excitingly designed Prussian office uniforms, and of course the late unpleasantness — It was a neat museum; very linear storytelling which we appreciated.

Trip Tip The national history museum is very interesting. We learned a lot. Would recommend! After the museum we were going to go to the island in the river with all the big buildings.

Prince had grand plans for his autobiography, but only a few months to live.

And then it turned out the church was closed that night. So we just stood in the cold and snow for a little while instead. Then we headed back to our room, changed into some nicer clothes, and braved the cold again to go to dinner. Austrian food. Anyways, it turned out to be delicious… and we were starving and totally forgot to take pictures of the food.

But the decor was delightful: lots of dead animals on the walls!

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Then we headed back to the room and went to sleep, our heads full of thoughts of Holy Roman Emperors and unusual Austrian dumplings. Alas, on Day 7, we separated. Ruth headed to the airport in Berlin to fly home, as she only had the one week of vacation. Lyman headed back to Bremen, where he was attending a conference for work. It is quaint, lovely, has interesting food and shopping, and is really very nearly the ideal place for a long weekend or a few days of tourism.

Trip Tip Bremen is awesome. Eat the knipp and walk around in Schnoor. Buy stuff to take home. This is much briefer than our usual travel blogs… but alas we tarried overlong in writing it so many little details have escaped us.

You Can Do Europe In The Cold, Wet Rain

Additionally, it was a shorter trip, and we took substantially fewer pictures as much of it we was hanging out with Zach and Liz and enjoying family time, which is much better than photos. We hope this helps you plan your trip to the Hanseatic League! In a State of Migration. Sign in. Get started. Lyman Stone Follow. Day 3: Museums, Towers, and Pot-Heads We woke up on day 3 and again trudged out into the blustery chill, ready for a day of exploring. Day 5: Wittenberg! Day 6: Berlin, Again! Day 7: On to Bremen! In a State of Migration People Move.

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