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Zum Beispiel meine Tante und meine Cousinen How is the emotional life of Greek immigrants in Australia formed by their immigrant status? For example my aunt and my cousins A night in Havana. Sie haben in ihren Osterferien einen Trailer produziert, der vor jedem Wettbewerbs- und Sonderprogramm gezeigt wird.

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Filme zur traditionellen Musik und der Griots. Und drum herum? You will see fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films, and interesting combinations of the different genres — as well as a large variety of issues. Yet, all the films have something in common: the stories and daily experiences of children and youth are always seen and told from their perspective. In the Children and Youth Competition two five-member juries made up of kids and youth from Oberhausen will choose their favourite films in their age group and present them on Tuesday during the official award ceremony.

Ka as in previous years. By the way, the jury members have turned into film makers themselves. During the Easter holidays they produced a trailer that will be screened before each competition and special programme. On Ascension Day and over the following weekend there will be a variety of interesting special programmes for all age groups: screenings for the very youngest from 3 years onward on Thursday and a repetition on Friday. Over the weekend there will be cool music clips for the 14 to year-olds as well as three programmes on our special focus African cinema presenting orally passed on tales and fables but also semi-documentary films for children from seven onward and young people.

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They look at kids playing and living on the streets, illustrate the playful dealing with issues like AIDS — a widespread social problem in Africa — or tell us how oral tradition works, e. They are close-ups on African daily life that impressively bring across the way of life and experience of African children. What else is happening? The youth of the press club Oberhausen will accompany the children and youth section with camera and microphone.


You can have a look at their work in a shop next to the Lichtburg cinema. Brand-new information about the ongoing festival will be broadcasted live on radio Antenne Ruhr by a professional reporter kid to all children and young people who can't be there.

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The special programmes on Africa have been created in co-operation with Fokus Afrika: Africome , the Federal Agency for Civic Education's three years spotlight on Africa. Die Henne versteckt sich in einem Koffer, aber der Koffer wird in einem Schrank eingeschlossen. While father and mother are outside, Miriam, her little brother and the hen start playing hide and seek. The hen hides in a suitcase but the suitcase gets locked in a cupboard.

Fortunately, after some fighting everything gets sorted out. Davon, eine Heldin zu sein. Und springt nicht. A girl on a three-m-diving board. She's afraid and dreaming of being brave. She dreams of the perfect dive.

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Of being a hero. And doesn't dive. A film about decidedness and about saying no. A funny fairy tale about the malicious owner of a travelling circus and a change due to orange marmelade. Zaitsev, V. Volkova, A.

Mironov, Y. Dashinkaya mierter Werbefilme; The Thief of Color. When one of them stops moving, he asks his mother questions about love, life and death for the first time. Animation Mark Barber Biografie C. Dean, J. Burchett Einzelausstellungen; seit arbeitet sie in der Filmbranche; Gabriel ist ihr erster Film.

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Tilda decides to show Daddy what she is really made of. Jake longs to play football with the bigger boys in his street but discovers that friendship comes at a cost. A twig can be used for all sorts of things. Holme Gundersen, C. Jensen, A.


Als sie durch den Krieg gezwungen ist, ihr Dorf zu verlassen, ist ihre einzige Sorge, ihrem Freund Petrakis ein Glas Oliven zu bringen. Der Krieg trennt ihre Leben und bricht ihr Versprechen. Eleni is an eight-year-old girl and her best friend is an old olive tree. When she is forced to leave her village because of the war, her only concern is to give a jar of olives to her friend Petrakis. The war disrupts their lives and their promise. Doch was bedeuten sie? New ages come along with new technologies and new terms.

But what do they mean? What does Krossmedia mean in our eclectic, poststructuralist era? Let's see what you can do out of some bread, vegetables and other groceries — e. Dvoe is about the friendship between a five-year-old boy and his grandfather. Dort verdient er ein bisschen Geld, indem er Autoscheiben putzt. A poor little boy works at a central intersection in the big city. There he makes some petty cash by washing car windows.

The boy has powerful rivals, there are other boys and girls making money the same way. Er will sein Idol im Fernsehen sehen, aber ein Stromausfall in seinem Dorf macht seinen Plan zunichte. Bei dem Versuch, schnell dorthin zu kommen, stellt er das ganze Dorf auf den Kopf.

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Today is a big day for twelve-year-old Adipas. He prepares to watch his idol on TV but an electricity failure in his village ruins his plans. Stass, an elevenyear-old Russian immigrant, and his father, a violinist, struggle to cope with the hardship of their new, alienating life in Israel. They are separately bullied by a group of local kids. Their individual struggles generate a confrontation between them. Doch eines Tages entdeckt sie, dass ihr Lotterleben ein Ende haben soll.

A goose is leading a quiet life on a farm. Idleness and gluttony determine her daily routine. A perfect idyll, if it wasn't for the overzealous rooster who disturbs her peace every morning. But one day she discovers that her dissolute life is supposed to end. Doch eines Tages bekommt er die Chance, mit einem Jungen zu spielen. A young monk would like to spend time with the other children, yet, strict temple rules and his obligations prohibit it.

But one day he gets the chance to play with a boy. Leo is a very quiet boy who would like to introduce himself to his neighbour who studies on the terrace across the way.

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Am Abend bereitet er das Abendessen zu. A homeless boy walks through the market. He steals two sausages, two plates and a candle. In the evening, he prepares dinner. He spreads a newspaper on a box and sets the plates and the candle on the table. Then he takes a puppy out of a box and together they enjoy the meal. When the local butcher introduces Nasi fried rice his adopted Chinese daughter isn't too pleased. A tale full of Dutch narrow-mindedness and insensitive clumsiness.

Fred Goessens, Hans Breetveld u. Mohamad, a Palestinian child from the old city of Jerusalem, finds a red toy and misplaces it. The toy wanders around the alleys of the city, handed from one person to another. Stefan boxt auch.